SixBeeps (5060)
What is a variable?
Hello, I am working on some of my Computer Science homework, and we're on the Variables unit. But, I am having a hard time understanding what a "varia...
RohilPatel (1535)
How do u use MySQL?
This isn't working, and I don't exactly know why. Please help. Thanks you!
BobTheTomatoPie (3344)
Is a mafia game to un-age appropriate for
I just want to know if you are allowed to make a mafia game in without it being considered inappropriate.
LeeJones1 (9)
Package Operation Failed
I am getting the same error message on all my pygame's. Here is my simplest one that was working. Any idea what is causing this? A screensho...
Dominicl645 (429)
Would you mind checking this for me?
if you don't mind, could you check this for me and see if i did it correctly? I'm not asking you to give me answers or anything like that, I just want...
squidlit (5)
hi I'm new here on so please treat me well. now that introductions are out the way could anyone reading this test this prototype rpg I'm makin...
DrLancor (7)
Privacy concerns for K-12 Public Schools in CT
As a university, we just ran a Train the Trainers (high school and middle school) 2-day workshop to teach Python and we used the platform. It...
TalinSharma (71)
Repl Dark?
I don't know if this is a glitch or something but for me, Repl is dark mode!... Is this a glitch or are you trying something out? My friend doesn't ha...
verified_virus (19)
Shortcut keys
Are there any shortcut keys by which I can work faster?
sorenn (0)
How to comment out a block of code in Python?
How do I comment out a block of code in Python? Literally everyone I've asked said CTRL + Shift + 7 (CTRL + "/"). I've even it on this website, Redd...
Galamphin (115)
HTML, CSS, JS Error Pages
Say you created a new repl called, (I know this wouldn't be possible, it's just an example), and in the repl you created multiple HTML fil...
MrEconomical (2278)
Web Servers
The web servers hosted on go to sleep after an hour of no requests. I understand this is supposed to happen, but it is pretty annoying. Is the...
Aayan11 (5)
Why can't I use keyboard module?
I wanted to make some hotkeys. so I found out about keyboard and it's useful feature that detects keypress which I really wanted. Then I tried importi...
JosephSanthosh (1171)
Can somebody help me?
I've no idea whats wrong wit my code! Could someone help me?
Longmire (17)
how do i save my files to my desktop or my flashdrive
how do i save my files to my desktop or my flashdrive
Whirlpool (179)
Please Tell how can I change my username in
I had just a thought that I had to change my username and so please help...... Please any one tell me how can I do that
Long_StoryStory (19)
how do I add a link on html,css,and js
I don't know how to add a link.
Andy_4sberg (50)
Does anyone want to help make SimpleScript X (Python 3)?
**I need at least one more person on my team, "SimpleScript X" to help make the programming language. If you would like to join, please say what you w...
KrishanuDhar (2)
Hi, I am new to replit and was looking at creating a small team of fellow developers. I looked around, but did not find answers to few questions. I w...
Grace55555 (2)
Not working?
Hii! I copied a code from my CS teacher (also using Replit) as we're going over our weak areas in Python. For some reason, rather than printing "name...
RayhanADev (1945)
Theme Ideas?
Okay, so I spent the last um, 8-ish hours programming instead of sleeping (☕️) so now I am working on refining my little binary interpreter and trying...
oliverosz (19)
Command Line Arguments
Hello! Is it possible to use command line arguments in C/C++ repls? I'm working on examples to use in the classroom, and is good for many thin...
Dart (1186)
My projects ip adress can’t be found
This could be because of the school filter but I’m just curious as to if repl is having issues right now ![Uploading CC56675A-8CFE-442A-9AD6-8D508E5D6...
RayhanADev (1945)
More Client-Side, Server-Side Communication Questions
Heya, Ray again. I have another Server-Side, Client-Side problem that needs a bit of help. So I need to assign a variable “name” with information from...
Background Hex On
Hi, I just wanted to know the background hex color code of You know, when you click on talk, and scroll through posts, the nice grey backgro...
TejasvMaheshwar (7)
How to restart a python program ?
How to restart a python program also if there is any way i can ask the user to type in the correct inputs
objectme12 (45)
can any one help me import a clicker game method to this new code
i want to know how to make a clikcer game so can anyone help me
RyanGardiner1 (139)
Is repl getting DDOSed or sumthin? | Repl Lag
### Question: Is repl ide getting super laggy for any1?
zplusfour (890)
I need an icon designer
yeah so I need an icon designer for my own programming language. its called [Wasabi]( thank you so much and goo...
lastcanseeyou (1)
can someone help me build a game in python, im very new and i just want to hsf
i want to make a cool game to try to impress my dad, im trying to become a coder and designer, i just want to make a simple game.