headiscoding (944)
Join 'Hexagon 7' today!
Hexagon 7 is a game development studio founded by @HeadSucksAtLife that makes games for people who contact us! We are looking for a few programmers. I...
StevenDavis2 (36)
Would anyone like an animated sprite for a project or something else?
Would anyone like enemies/items/etc. for a game they are making animated? Come here! Depending on the request, I can make a sprite for whatever projec...
AveryBirmingham (25)
How do you change font in HTML?
How do you change font?
SolomonKnutzen1 (5)
Error message makes no sense
Whenever I try and run the program, it gives me this error message: File "main.py", line 28 elif main == 'No': IndentionError: expected an indented bl...
AimanFayaz (5)
Need Help
Hi there! I am a novice python programmer. I have recently taken a course on Udemy and then started to make a project on my own idea. It is a bank, wh...
catsareawesome3 (1)
dark mode for the website?
my eyes hurt and dark reader isn't reliable
ChezCoder (1588)
Machine Learning
Im making a neural network that would guess the price of an item. The input is the text converted into a number and the output would be the price that...
PatriciaSamora (28)
How do I increase the font size in the console?
I was able to change the font size in the code editor (awesome!) using settings. How do I change the font size in the console where the result displa...
HackerSK (9)
programming jam
Heeeeeeello! I am posting this because I have a question about the programming jam that is happening this month. I want to make a language too, but I...
Wilke000 (626)
Does Anyone Know How To Fix This?
@BLoBBERT and I are trying to make a *game* with if/else statements. Please help!
Solarbot9 (4)
can someone code cookie clicker with me
cookie clicker is blocked for me and I want to play it
Inside a Nodejs project, Repl doesn't recognize the "require" keyword.
Hi guys, if I create a `.ts` file inside a *Nodejs Project*, *Repl* doesn't recognize the `require` keyword. There is a solution? I know the *TypeScr...
TimothyAnderso1 (127)
What Are Cycles?
Recently I earned 5 of them, but don't know what they are any idea?
TheC0derGirl (218)
What happens after your free hacker plan expires?
Hi guys, I just obtained the free hacker plan, and I was wondering what happens when it expires. Do you have it until a certain expiry date, and then...
Csilarion (14)
What does Repl.it: Package operation failed mean?
When ever I run my program I get this error message: Repl.it: Package operation failed. Why am I getting it and what does it mean?
UnluckyFroggy (917)
I have a textarea in my chat, I can multiline in it but when I send it, it's only one line.
I have a textarea in my chat, I can multiline in it but when I send it, it's only one line. I want it to stay multilined after I send. It's **socket...
Pygame error please help me fix it
**Environment:** - **Operating system:** Repl.it Linux - **Python version:** 3.8.8 - **SDL version:** 2.0.14 - **PyGame version:** 2.0.1 **Current...
VincentJames (17)
How do I insert a video?
I need to insert a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVjdMLAMbM0 this one, how do I do that?
Axrevyn (291)
I feel like I need a team. I have no ideas of things to code, and the projects I do start on I abandon because of burnout - because they're too big f...
StringentDev (204)
Keeping repl permanently alive.
So I have been making a repl that allows you to store items online but every time, after a certain amount of time, it shuts down the express server (n...
tussiez (1518)
How do I redeem the free Hacker Plan from referrals? [Fixed!!]
I believe @Baconman321 got Hacker Plan and referred me (yay!) but I can't seem to redeem the referral rewards. How exactly do I do this? ![image](htt...
Repl.it Pinned Symbol
hi, i just want the repl.it pinned symbol. You know the pinned posts at the top? The symbol beside them looks like a pin. So if someone could give me...
AmazingMech2418 (1039)
Could Repl.it Allow Root User Access Just on Apt?
Would it be possible for Repl.it to allow `sudo` just on the `apt`/`apt-get` commands? https://askubuntu.com/questions/612256/how-do-i-allow-a-user-t...
SirEpicly (3)
Too Many Redirects
Hi, My HTML repl has been serving fine from my custom domain until a few days ago, when It started giving me the Too Many Redirects error. This does n...
SilentShadowBla (551)
NEED Inspiration for Code
Can anyone give me any program/game/tool/quiz ideas? THX
andreebr (31)
change node version
Can I change the node version of a repl?
brokentoken (51)
What are cycles
Ok this may be a newbie question but its not beacuse if it was I would be a noob. Anyways # what are cycles?
CollinKunsman (108)
Which is better: Terraria vs. Minecraft??
Which one's better? Please type in the comments below and try to convince me about which one's better. I'm having such a difficult time deciding. Plea...
AshkiKudzma (33)
Why I can't run my second file
I want to run my second python file but it always run whatever i have in main.py but not in second file i made.
LoopysPlaylists (0)
Can you get 15 Clicks onto your Shortened link?
I made my own URL Shortener with Stats! - The link is: [Glitch-URLs](http://glitch-urls.glitch.me/) I made it with node.js & JSON, if you would wan...