11EscottJam (0)
How do you make the controller response time quicker?
I can't seem to increase the control response time for the snake. Also, do you know how to create a border and how to end the game when snake touches...
octopyBot (266)
Where's a good place to get better at python?
hey all, I am trying to get better at python and don't know any good youtubers or tutorials to get better. if one of you could point me in the right d...
willuhmjs (10)
How long does cname linking take?
I've been trying to link the url of my repl to my freenom site, but after clicking the green "link" button, it still keeps loading. I waited for hours...
Baconman321 (1056)
Http error 500 on some comments and 404 on some posts
All of a sudden I get the http error 500 on some comments and 404 on some posts including the sortacraft model maker and pretty much all of the trendi...
LeakyLobster (0) broken
I copy pasted code from another IDE, and it threw inconsistent use of tabs and spaces (python), which is expected. However, I changed all the spaces t...
vuona4730 (1)
My friend James needs some help with his code. He is wondering how he kick someone out of his code. Pls sent help to my fellow friend. This guy got hi...
eidhernan (38)
I am making a text adventure game. I am looking for ideas regarding the story.
I will be making a text adventure game, similar to something like Zork, but less painful. You see, with most text adventures, you are given a descript...
Willywillycow (3)
Why do we have to first create a class when scripting?
Hello, thanks for your coming. I have been scripting with java for around a year and keep having a question: “Why do we need to create a class with th...
Why last number is random / not same like the 2 before it ?
```cpp #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int nilai[3]; for(int i = 0; i < 3; ++i) { cout << "Masukka...
JamesGosnell1 (2)
Pip install and packages
I am a professional idiot and just starting to learn python, I have successfully imported stuff from PyPl using the import command but recently I need...
BananaJellyfish (200)
[ANSWERED]How to print an inventory without square brackets
lets say weapons = ['knife'] items = ['bandage'] and inventory = [weapons, items] how do i print(str(inventory)) without it printing the square bracke...
SerperiorGaming (0)
Can someone help me program a RaidBot for Pokemon Go on Discord like the RaidBot on the Pokemon Go Raiders Discord server
ChezCoder (1614)
What is the UTF BOM?
I was parsing some json with php using the `json_decode` function. The function returned null. I searched it up on google and it said something about...
Scoop5 (3)
Temporary player effects
Ok last question (for now). I'm trying to have my potions (which increase a given value by 50%) last for 3 turns. I used multiple variables to keep t...
thejoeman24 (31)
Plz teach me
Can someone teach me how to make a video game? Doesnt need to be complicated or in a specific Language i just want to mage a game
ChadMullamphy (3)
Anyone know how to make mario jump then come back down
Anyone know how to make mario jump then come back down
ChezCoder (1614)
Please help me! I accidentally set off a forever while loop in PHP! I tried to restart the project but the while loop continued to run. It clogged the...
WessimHARMEL (2)
Error identification unespected incident Line 25
Idk it make that ????????????????????????????????????
SimplyMiah (1)
Python Code HS Question
Hey guys! Can anybody please help me? I need to make a program where the user asks a question and the program responds with “yes” “no” “maybe” and oth...
munkhbat (0)
Binary Search Tree
Hello guys, Right now I'm trying to figure out how to insert a number to a BST if it doesn't exit while reading from an input file. The file would con...
IoannisMermigka (1)
Repl won't load
My project, which i have been working on for 3 days, is stuck loading and won't open no matter how long i wait. This isn't a network problem as all my...
Godard (1)
I need help adding sprites to my ping pong game.
This isn't my code i'm using it as a template. But i'm trying to figure out how to replace the paddle and ping pong ball with sprites seen below. * S...
FilipH (29)
Storage not uppdating
Hello users! The strage bar or perhaps the whole storage system might be broken as i have deleated repls but my storage used is still the sam...
Not saving to mySQL database
I am learning to use databases and tried to make a small poll with mySQL. So me and a few others (they helped with the css) made a form. And it (kind...
Bitkoshy (18)
How do you have a pfp that is a gif???
Hey guys! Just wondering how you can have a gif as your pfp because I want to! Well this is kinda the wrong question to ask in a programmers hub but w...
renren95 (1)
C Program
Hello Guys. I"m having difficulties in C program. is it int main (void) or void main () ?
Elizabeth_Mason (7)
Can I have some help?
I need help trying to solve this code. Can anyone help me? ![image](
Muhammad_SJC (148)
How do I make a messaging app like discord in python?
It is a school project. I know people use socket but I want people to see other people's messages live. Please Help!:(
saloev (1)
how share code in dark theme ?
hi guys, i want to share my repl in dark theme but i can't figure out how to do it. is it possible share code in dark theme ? thanks)))
KenR (0)
Why do I get the error message.? File "", line 43 lives -= 1 ^ TabError: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation