How do i separate
gameprogammer (6)

I am creating a among us game but you can't actually play it.You can watch the bots play it.I made the characters and i made a character that is red : def red(words):
print(Fore.GREEN, Style.BRIGHT + 'Player: ' + words)
And whenever i put "there is 1 imposter among us..."(I put red before it so the color scheme can be red) it shows "red" is saying it. I want the font to be red. not red saying"there is 1 imposter among us..." how do i make it so that it is red and red is still a player? i removed red and then it works. and no i can not change red's color. so how do i keep both of them in the code?

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gameprogammer (6)

you can fork it and changeone of the characters color to red and run it it will show red saying it even though the color is supposed to be red.