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Code intelligence/auto-complete not working for Javascript, Python, etc.
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Hello! I have researched this topic and it seems to be a common issue, but none of the answers I've found are relevant to mine. I have "Code Intelligence" turned on in the editor, but for some reason, I'm only getting Emmet auto-completion for HTML, and full auto-completion for CSS (maybe a little too much), nothing else.

I seem to be getting auto-completion for simple things that I have already typed. So, if I'm programming in Javascript and I type, ".getElementById()" I won't get any auto-completion the first time, but once it's in the local dictionary that starts working.

However, my own text is the ONLY auto-completion I'm getting, everything else I should be getting is only inside of HTML and CSS. Does anyone know why this may be?

Also, if possible, how would I remove specific auto-completions? The "additive-symbols;" auto-completion in CSS is driving me crazy!

I'm not sure why, but JavaScript auto-completions now work! I made a new repl and.. they just, work! Even getElementById()! Thanks for everyone's responses/help! :)

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Answered by Coder100 [earned 5 cycles]
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yes :)