help with a control flow tool

I have been trying very hard to get the following lines of code to be looped over with a
control flow statement. It seemed like the while loop would be the choice but perhaps there
there is another tool that is used and I am very sorry that I do not understand these control
flow tools better.
I want the program to simply stop if all of the conditions in the following lines are met
but to continue on to the next line if any of these conditions are false:

vtival < float(bucket +.35bucket) or vtival > float(bucket -.15bucket)
tltval < float(bucket +.35bucket) or tltval > float(bucket -.15bucket)
iauval < float(bucket +.35bucket) or iauval > float(bucket -.15bucket)
shyval < float(bucket +.35bucket) or shyval > float(bucket -.15bucket)

I am thanking anyone who helps me with this in advance to either tell me what to do
or what I should read to understand this more fully.

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@xxpertHacker Many many thanks for helping me with the control flow tool. Your suggestion worked perfectly once I used 'and' instead of 'or'. I will be reviewing information on condition statements so that I can understand and use them in future programing projects.