What design pattern should I use for specific multiple inheritance?

Let's say I have an interface called Squid.

And we have a bunch of different types of squids:

Here's everything a squid can be:


How would I go about create an instance of a squid? Should I go about creating 4 classes BasicAquaticSquid, BasicLandSquid, AdvancedAquaticSquid, AdvancedLandSquid like this:

I think that's called the Abstract Factory method? It seems very tedious though. Any better way of doing so?


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Answered by xxpertHacker [earned 5 cycles]
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@xxpertHacker But again, I think the feeling of "this language won't let me do this" is harmful since it's limiting programmers in what they can do. Programming's (I'm talking about low level programming since that's obviously the best) all about working with the computer, but if you restrict some of the things you can do with the computer, well then you're not really working with the computer, if that makes any sense