i want to recommend movie
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if user input genre/type of movie they will show title of movie and rating
i want to know how to write
i'm doing if they input genre that same in list_in(genre of movie) they will collect in the same list(genre[])

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@withPinkkkyy Oh, I see!
I can only guess what you are doing exactly, but this should work:

  • Go to my repl, open choose_multiple.pyand copy all the code.
  • Go to your repl, create a new file, name it choose_multiple.py and paste the code into it.
  • Open your file main.py and at the top add the line
    from choose_multiple import choose_multiple
  • Look into my readme.md or columns.py to learn how the module is to be used.

I just ran your program and noticed that you are importing matplotlib and numpy. They aren't used, are they? You better delete these imports then.