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why does line one have this error
typhoon1685 (0)

why does line 1 not work i've tried this chunk of code sevral times before and it worked but now that i ve added more lines for other purposes the first line all of a sudden says sintax error i've tried deleting line 1 and all the indents entirely wich just makes the error in the new first line i've tried commenting out line one but that also makes line 2 have the error i've tried copy pasting all the code to a knew repl and that didnt change any thing also this isnt the first time i've had this issue so i would like to know why this happens

MadMath123 (343)

You need to add () to the end of function name.

Coder100 (18109)

you forgot the ()
so it looks like this actually:

def even_or_odd_game():
  # ...

do this for all other functions.