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why can't I find the website for my repl?

What I mean is:

Remember how above the output for your repl there was a little link, and when you copied and pasted it, it took you to a fullscreen version of your website or text program?

Where did that link go, and how can I access it anymore?

Answered by JBloves27 [earned 5 cycles]
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It depends on the repl. However, with python and some programs that don't use the web, it doesn't have a link. So like a regular python program will not have a link. However, python flask apps, or HTML websites will have that link.
Hope this helps!


You have certain links if you're website is a website. If you create an HTML, CSS, JS repl, you'll have a link. If you create a server in any language, you'll also have a link. Otherwise, no.


Depends on the repl.


@btfuss Yes, but what about, say, a Python program? Would it have the link thing?