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which laptop is best for programming students

I am a college student and looking for a laptop for my programming class. any recommendation from this list


maybe mac.


@RYANTADIPARTHI Isn't the cheapest MacBook somewhere around $1k?


@19wintersp In addition, aren't they also super hard to make repairs on by yourself?


@Baconman321 To be honest, most laptops are a bit funny to repair. However, Apple charges extortionately for official repairs, and has always frowned upon independent repairers.


@19wintersp That's what I've heard.


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Do you really need anything crazy?

The largest program you'll have will most likely be an IDE / text editor.

Do you really need some crazy specs to program?

Phff, you're probably a Python/JavaScript user, so speed doesn't matter anyway.


I would recommend having a laptop with around 8-12 gigs of ram, at least 256 gigs of SSD(Do NOT get a hard drive, they are super duper slow), for a processor, a 9th or 10th gen of intel i5 or i7 should be good. I wouldn't recommend getting into AMD for programming, but it's up to you.


@IntellectualGuy I've actually found that AMD works quite well for programming (with Zen+ and higher), as it works well with multi-threaded workloads - having an editor, compiler, web browser, and your program running simultaneously - and is generally cheaper.


@19wintersp Ok I didn't know it was good for programming, and I like AMD(Never had one, but have seen people use it). Also intel is actually pretty cheaper than AMD.


@IntellectualGuy Intel chips are normally more expensive than AMD in the mid-range.


Did you know the average user device costs under $200 USD? (Source: the IDC)?

Now I wouldn't say programming is the most CPU intensive task (*ahem: games. Unless, you are making games), but it definitely isn't the lowest CPU intensive task, either.

Depending on your needs, you should settle for a computer that has at least 4 Gigabytes of ram (I would recommend nothing less, even for non-programming uses, although 6-8 might be better if you could afford it. Keep in mind that if you are doing game design I would recommend no less than 6-8 Gigabytes of RAM). In general, programming files are somewhat small (again, depends on how big you are wanting to go), so I would recommend a disk size of at least 200 Gigabytes (although you could aim higher or lower depending on your budget needs; this is one of the more flexible things). I recommend also having a computer that is easy to maintain and repair (if you are good at that type of stuff). It should also be compatible with installing linux (most computers are, but it is a good idea anyways because linux is really good for programming related operations).

Like I said, programming is variable. What you need can depend on what you are programming, so here are a few variables for different programming categories:

  • Game development/design/Modeling: More processing (especially GPU) and Disk space.

  • Front-end development: Possibly less disk space (and sometimes less processing power as well).

  • Server-side applications: Most likely more processing and disk space (especially if you are going to host a website on it, although this is highly not recommended).

  • Machine learning: More Processing power (definitely, ML is highly CPU intensive) and possibly more disk space.

  • Other: Do some research.

(When I mean processing power also take into account RAM).

Another thing to note is that oftentimes you can leave out things that add to the cost, like powerful speakers (unless you are doing something with audio, you don't likely need it... especially if you have another device to stream audio from) or battery hold life (If you keep it plugged in all day you can always go for a weaker battery). It's best to do some research and also remember to ask the salesperson the specs of the device).


@Baconman321 i agree with you on everything except the minimum amount of ram as 4 gb. I used to have 4gb ram on my home computer and it was TERRIBLE for running apps like Unity, eclipse, etc. Once I upgraded it to 8gb of ram, it ran very smoothly


@EpicGamer007 Yes, but I said at least. I should include that game design should require at least 6-8 Gigabytes. It depends on what you are using.

Hey, at least it isn't 2 gigabytes!


This depends on what you do. If you are doing back-end things, like making small games, programming tools, and things like that, then a 4-8 GiBs of RAM, with not very big disk size (200 or more or maybe less) computer should done the job. If you working on mobile apps, you will need a computer with around 8-16 GiBs of RAM, and also a pretty big disk size (around 300-600 or more). If you make on frontend things, like making web application with React and More and things like that, then it will be the same as back-end. This is my opinion, you can customize it to fit well with your financial situation now.