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what is the most difficult code you made?
BrooklynnBarnes (0)

it has to be the longest and most hardest code youve made

InvisibleOne (3213)

My longest codes were usually my less complicated to write things. But I think that the biggest project I made was an adventure game in python, it was around 3 thousand lines of code.

OldWizard209 (1619)

Oh Yeah. Adventure games in Python are literally the worst bit of code you can write. Thousands of if statements to implement a simple logic. And the result is on a console and it is boring. Normally the hardest and most complex bit of code you writem is in the smallest amount of lines. @InvisibleOne

InvisibleOne (3213)

yeah adventure games are so many if's and else's, really boring to make actually @OldWizard209