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what is my site link?
learningglass (9)

I don't understand what is the link to my site. Can someone tell me?

Codemonkey51 (1062)

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I believe the link to your website is ¨¨ as shown in the page view of your repl.

learningglass (9)

Thank you. But what is the link I can use to view the site outside of repl like a regular website? Thank you.

Avifire (5)

@learningglass you can click the box with the arrow on the top right of your output tab. It will open your work on a separate tab. Then you can copy the link.

xxpertHacker (931)

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The link for any Repl can be found on above the output box. Not all Repls have a link, those Repl's cannot be accessed without viewing the code.

If you're in the editor view on a Repl, the output box should be on the right.

On a mobile device, the output box can be selected at the bottom.