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what i have to do here (in .replit file)

'run' isn't configured in the .replit file
try adding 'run = "echo hello word"' to .replit

what i have to do here?

please give me an example.

CodeLongAndPros (1589)

You have to make a file .replit and enter the text run="[command]", where command is a bash command or UNIX binary.

This is used to configure how you run your repl.

To run main with args 42:
run="./main 42

To run a python program:

Hope this helps!

sankalpmukim (0)

@CodeLongAndPros I got that much. I made my .replit file and configured everything. it still gives the same error.

sankalpmukim (0)

@CodeLongAndPros I just deleted and remade my .replit file, and the stupid thing started working.