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what happened to

Its now. :(

(Also, this is kinda off topic so mods, feel free to take this down if u want).

I am just curious, why remove the .it from the url, it makes it longer and now, the embedder version of repls no longer work for me (At least on school computer, where I usually code. I have not tried home computer).

but yea, my main question is, what is your reaction to this? happy? sad? If anyone knows why, i would appreciate it if you tell me.

Thanks to all answers :)

Answered by amasad [earned 5 cycles]
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Hi this was by mistake. We will be moving to .com in the next few weeks for a few reasons. One of them is that .it domain is really hard to deal with and renew. They only allow us to renew once a year which is risky for various reasons.

Another big reason is that the brand is little fragmented now and some people refer to us as repl and others as replit. This is a bit of a problem when people talk about the site and refer it to others as they might not be able to find it. Moving to replit solves this problem.

When we actually do end up moving things will work transparently and you'll be able to do see the embeds no problem.

I love .it too but given the trade-offs we think it's best to move to .com. will still redirect and you can type that in instead to save on characters ;)


@amasad ok thank you.


@amasad So now you have like 4 domains:,,, and (and maybe tons more)


@amasad bro, then repl might be blocked for my school. F


I refer to you ("us") as @amasad


@amasad , please can you notify everyone once you turn it back?
All my sites that had a domain linked to them broke. I was able to fix them after because I figured out that the IP addresses were different.

Please try to avoid changing the domain too often after you change it back. A lot of sites could get taken down.


Sorry for spamming you with pings, deleted everything else. If you guys need as it is better than, fine by me. Also I do call replit repl all the time so I am one of those dudes who say it wrong, sry!! By ta way i wanted to point out a few things you should fix:
1. First I have been using for a long time and I realized the new updates to the blog are only coming to so you should redirect
2. redirects to so you should fix that too.
3. The email notifications still say so you should change it to, or cause that doesn't seem nice, replit without the .com
4. The Help and Resources page still says at the bottom next to Legal and Handy Links. You should change that to Replit or
5. The bugs and feedback pages say, in their messages, ' is an online environment for interactively exploring programming languages' and 'Post bugs and issues with the platform' respectively, which are wrong and the ''s should be replaced twith 'Replit's or ''s.
6. The last and most depressing one for you guys. But also the most un-needed one, the blog and docs say everywhere and do not say replit or you guys are going to fix this and need help, me, and others I am pretty sure, would be happy to help 😊😊😊!!!

P.S. i am signed in to replit already so I don't know if on the signup page's bottom it says between Legal and the other thing again or if its says replit

EDIT: Another one I found which I haven't mentioned majorly is that on the docs it says 'Edit on' instead of saying 'Edit on Replit' or 'Edit on'


@JamesGordon1 SAAAME press F to PAY RESPECTS


mine is still


@IcingHackz , that's because Explorer Mode is off on your account.


bruh that was 18 days ago @LeviathanCoding


@Whippingdot , it's still, it just changed for me yesterday.


no he said that 18 days ago, now for him also it would be @LeviathanCoding


My suspicion is that the iframes will no longer work on "" because the access control is set for "" only. "" still works for me, so I'd suggest using that until we get formal notice of movement. Seems to be pretty recent, I saw it first in a blog post's teaser (see "one more thing" at the bottom).


Here's the information, was updated on the 5th this month, whatever that means


@19wintersp ok thanks


bRuH WHAT IN THE WORLD I READ THAT BLOG POST AND NEVER SAW IT!!! it has to be new...right? @19wintersp


Well, you can still use as the domain if you want. It will just take you to the home screen. If you use typing out urls will take longer and some getting used to it.




@zaydi same




You can still use, they're seperate.

See for yourself, change the URL.


@xxpertHacker Not anymore, now it's a redirect.


@firefish Well, that was 18 days ago, I was correct back then.


@xxpertHacker I did say not anymore, note: anymore