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weird bug
zombieaddictxp (9)

Whenever Im typing some a few letters will be deleted and the blinking line where you are typing flashes bright pink and says I wanted to know if this is a bug or perhaps I'm just doing something incorrectly.

Answered by amasad (3537) [earned 5 cycles]
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amasad (3537)

Hey everyone, so sorry about that we pushed a bug earlier today and now it's fixed.

zombieaddictxp (9)

Thank you for addressing this so quickly @amasad

drgarlicbread (3)

I have the same problem, documented it in this video:
It happened with only one tab open so that's not the problem

mwilki7 (1134)

Is this happening in a particular repl?
Is it happening in a console?

zombieaddictxp (9)

Im glad im not the only one, i should also add this only started today. And this has been happening on any file or repl i use.

GabrielK1 (1)

It's even weirder on mine, it shows the Replit is editing my program or something in pink very weird. Could this be a multiplayer glitch where Repl things someone else is editing when it isn't shared??? IDK

GabrielK1 (1)

super annoying =(

Mendelevium (42)

It is happening to me too.
A pink thing that that’s the title REPL.IT will delete some of my words. It’s kinda irritating but it’s tolerable.
(It’s Almost as if is collaborating with me and deleting my stuff)

Foster_Bryant (89)

Sometimes it thinks you are using it in 2 different tabs

Vandesm14 (2752)

Are you an explorer? This can be fixed by opting out of the explorer role.

Matheus_Santana (0)

its also happening to me, it started today. really annoying

greenhoodie (0)

Same thing happening with me :/

Woodrow (0)

happening to me as well. normally, i think that would mean that someone else is editing your repl with you, and the little colored tab would be that person's username. at first i thought someone was pulling a prank or something, but, if that's the case, then they don't seem very talkative.