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wait...are unnamed repls public?

so im asking this question because i didn't see my unnamed repls on my public profile.'s been a while since i been on replit and made a post cuz i was busy on github
Answered by Bookie0 [earned 5 cycles]
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All repls are by default public. You can make a repl private (meaning no one except you and people that are invited to it can view it) by clicking 'private'. You'll need the hacker plan for that though.

Good luck! :D


well first of all i do have hacker plan, but even if i leave the unnamed repl public i cant see it on my profile. so...i think the default mode for unnamed repls are private? i'm not sure...can u see any unnamed repls on my profile. idont think so... @Bookie0


@IcynDevz Hm well what repl is it? I'll see if i can try to find it.


well i have like a trillion unnamed public repls so just find a repl with a weird combination of words ig? Then u found a unnamed one @Bookie0


@IcynDevz lmao

hm yes these are the only repls i see:

no unnamed ones. so unless you made them private, I guess they're private by default (if you're a hacker i think).


yes thx @Bookie0


@IcynDevz no problem, glad I could help! :D


If you set them as private, then its private, unnamed or not.