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version 2.7
NataliaFigs99 (0)

How do I update the settings so that when I make a repl I can use version 2.7 of python and not the newest version?

svensk007 (10)

If you have code from Visual Studio or something that you last edited 5 years ago it should be able to translate fairly easily into python 3 because I don't think the syntax really changes but the only things that will are like the print() function and a couple of other things that if you searched up you could probably find translations for. Or if you really want to use python 2.7 just create a python 2.7 repl but python 2.7 is like ancient history and I would highly recommend not using it due to the reasons @xfinnbar said.

I hope this helps(if it does click the checkmark next to the upvote button so people will know this question is answered)

xfinnbar (21)

Create a repl with Python 2.7 as the language, it's listed separately there.

I can warn you, Python 2.7 is not recommended as it will not receive performance updates, bug fixes and new content. Please don't use it unless you really have to.

19ecal (228)
That should make a new python 2.7 repl
Python 2 is deprecated. It is preferred to use python 3

EpicGamer007 (1614)

You can't. You may be able to try installing it though.