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BSlaven (6)

Can someone help me with uncommenting in
I am using windows and the only way I can put a comment on a multiple
line code is by selecting everything and hitting "ctrl + k + c". But the problem comes when I try to uncomment that multiple line code. Any suggestions?

Snowflake (50)

Try with "ctrl + /"

BSlaven (6)

@Snowflake That is the problem. I do not have a single key for "/" (forward slash). I had do switch my keyboard to Serbian because I need certaing letters for Serbian language on my keyboard. So now some keys on the keyboard are changed. For the same reason I have to use "ctrl + k + c" to comment. I cannot just use "ctrl + /". When for example I need "forward slash" I have to hit "shift + 7".

Snowflake (50)

@BSlaven You could also maybe try with an on-screen keyboard but that won't be very comfortable.

Sigifs (1)

german Keyboard STRG + '#'

cemt (1)

in mac Cmd+/ for command and when you press again it'll uncomment the selected rows or the line which cursor on it

Steven_The_GuyT (355)

Couldn't you change your keyboard back to American keyboard and then press "ctrl + /"?

GothamChess (0)

Select all you want to comment then you can do Ctrl+/. Idon't know if that's better.

ShaluChaudhary1 (0)

Ctrl+K+U would work.

ertyaz (0)

ctrl + K + U worked for me on win10 laptop

JadenTang2 (0)

Just do the undo button

dtolik (0)

Ctrl + / works for me