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turn off highlight text 'Start thread' pop-up chat
usethetools01 (6)

I could do with some help.
I'd like to turn-off the 'Start thread' pop-up that appears when you highlight text in any repl.
I already have 'Code intelligence' disabled.

Thanks in advance.

Qyden (3)

This is absolutely the most annoying thing, please make an option to turn it off.

metalgabe (4)

I agree, just noticed this for the first time today and the overlay blocks code when I'm selecting text. That's a horrible experience. Please remove this automatic behavior.

pharmswede (4)

Yeah, surprised that this is the only post requesting this? Very irritating to have a little pop-up appear right where I'm working constantly. Even if I was collaborating, 99% of the time I wouldn't need it right then.

JoshuaBaldwin (2)

Same here it is very frustrating

AlexanderSalama (0)

It's definitively irritating and useless to have it everywhere. Please provide a way to disable that "start thread". I have resorted to use a carefully designed ublock rule.