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try to buy hacker plan but only money transfer but i didn't get my hacker plan.

today, when i tried to buy a hacker plan. i give my card details when i click subscribe then message pop up card decline not accept but when i check my bank statement then i found 74.56 rupees debit from my account and its tow times happen. pls i want my money back else give hacker plan here attach bank statement ss and here is Ref num: 119821876905,119821639364. Kindly solve this problem immediately. thanks

IMayBeMe (535)

Doesn’t hacker plan cost 7 dollars. If my knowledge is correct 74 rupees is about 1 dollar so maybe the whole amount isn’t payed?

QuickV (90)

It's $5 per month currently (on sale)... And yeah you're right, 74 rupees is about 1 dollar or so. @IMayBeMe

QuickV (90)

Image could be fake, considering you only have 3 projects and your trying to get hacker plan... Anyways, I recommend posting this in "bugs".


@QuickV wait bro first its real image you can check ref num you get and i need hacker plan and no requirement to buy hacker plan, there is no rule you get at least 10 projects to get hacker plan thanks for help bro

QuickV (90)

1: Ok

2: I know there's no rule, but I meant like people use replit a bit more before buying hacker plan lol.

3: No problem :)