How do I make a random number in python?

On, import Math does not work, so I can not use math.random to make a random number. What do I do to generate a number?

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Answered by UzayAnil [earned 5 cycles]
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import random
x = random.randrange(1,100)

First you import random. then use the function randrange to create the random number, with the first parameter being the lowest number it can generate, and the second being the highest.
Hope this helped you out!


apparently, your supposed to do:
import random
x = random.randint(1, 100)
print(x) @DarshanRajpara


@UzayAnil thank you it worked! I hope you will check out this project when it is finished!


@ThePuzzlerThree if you dont want to import whole random lib, you could use
from random import randint

x = randint(1, 100)