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Site going insecure

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I am collaborating with a fellow repler (tussiez), and he and I are experiencing a problem where the site goes insecure. If you click the little "i" icon to the left of the address (chrome), it says the site is not secure and doesn't show a certificate. However, in dev tools it says certificate is valid and trusted, but doesn't allow you to view the certificate. It also says "This origin is a non-HTTPS secure origin." This is the same message I get in localhost, so I don't get what is happening (since I am going to the https URL of the site).

I think this may have to do with service workers, as my other site I made myself has this problem too, and it runs a service worker (as well as the site I am collaborating on with tussiez). Could this be a problem, or is it just something with service workers? I really would appreciate the help.

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Answered by Coder100 [earned 5 cycles]
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then you need to add a https to the front of it. when it's lacking.

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As I told programmeruser, there is https in the url, it's not showing security tho. Like I said, it may just be that I'm serving some of the main pages from cache. I don't know...