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GHCI prompt no longer working as before?


Before today, I was able to do
:l filename.hs for example and it would load functions in the file for me to use in the interactive prompt.

I could also type any built-in expression and it would give an output, e.g.
reverse "abcd" would output `"dcba".

But today I went on my repl and found out that the terminal no longer works like this. On the first command (and an Enter keypress) after a page refresh, no matter what the command is, it simply runs the main function (as if I simply press the Run button).

But sometimes, pressing the Run button or running a command throws an error saying main is defined in multiple files, despite the fact that it's only in main.hs

And then after the first action (either pressing Run or running anything in the prompt), nothing works anymore. Any command I enter returns nothing -- no error, no output.

And as of writing this question, it now auto-runs upon a page refresh, and just hangs there, with no response at all.

So, is it just me, or is the Haskell prompt currently really broken?

(Don't know how relevant this is, but this just occurred after I upgraded to Windows 10 version 1903, and this happens on both Chrome and Edge.)

3 years ago
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the python prompt still works just fine, though of course, I don't know how many other languages this is happening in

3 years ago