How do I fix this cursed text?
DillonB07Alt (1)

Please can someone tell me how to fix this?
It happens every time I use that function in the program.
When running the program, use Function 1

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ruiwenge2 (1101)

that happens to me too, i think it happens a lot

DillonB07 (25)

Any way around it that you know of?
I'll submit feedback on Canny

ruiwenge2 (1101)

@DillonB07 it happens when you print a lot of text.
maybe you can get around it by using \n (newline), which will print the text in a new line
like this:

print("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. \n In non mi a metus sodales congue. \n Donec ex velit, rutrum in ultricies id, sollicitudin eu mauris.")
DillonB07 (25)

Already tried that and it didn't really work.

ruiwenge2 (1101)

@DillonB07 or maybe just make the input > and print out the text.

ruiwenge2 (1101)

@DillonB07 like this:

print("lorem ipsum blahblahblahblahblahblah")
response = input(">")