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AustinMoore4 (0)

I want to make a windows "taskbar" it will have the features of windows 10, but look like windows xp. I want to know how to do the taskbar app storage. my first idea was 3 frames in one frame, one for the start button one for the apps, and one for the date. then packing those into the parent frame from the side they need to be on. can someone give me a push in the right direction? might as well give me a shove.
also I want the start menu to be longer than the button

mesquite2234 (278)

Maybe make a function that creates and destroys buttons

x = 1
def start():
  global x
  if x == 1:
    x = 2
    # button create code here
  elif x == 2:
    x = 1
    # Remove button code here

button = tk.Button("
 #blah blah
 command = start
2plus2is4hoi (92)

Maybe frame up a clickable picture? I'm not too experienced in tkinter