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my blackjack game functions very weird


so i made a blackjack game (not complete though) and some things work and others don't. if you know the rules black jack and how it works cool. so here is how its working so far (BTW it has no errors i'm just confused) so first off its supposed to give the dealer and the player 2 cards which is technically true with mine. but for some reason it only shows the dealers cards and not the players as shown here.

blackjack game 1

and another problem is that when i type hit it does its job of giving me a card. but the problem is it will usually give me 4 to 5 cards. i think the problem here is that it doesn't know the limit of how many cards are supposed to be appended.

so if anyone could help me solve these 2 problems that would be great thanks, BTW here is the code:

3 years ago
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