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MultiSnake Mods

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Hey everyone!
For those of you in my discord you will see that I roll out updates for multisnake quite often. But, tragically, I am running out of stuff to put in. I have asked around. All I got was "put in guns". cause everyone likes guns. I am considering it. Also, the ability to put in mines, to blow up other snakes. But guys. Those are called walls.



Comment below your genius ideas to get 5 upvotes and a little link next to the mod for suggesting it.

the link can point to whatevery you want, a rickroll, whatever.

If you want to be the first to know -actually you will never be. the first to know is always me- second to know, join the multisnake discord

yes we have a memes channel
also yes it is moderated. that means no innappropriat junk y'all


if you have any good ideas, spit 'em out.
Once I get one more mod out, ill repost, bc most of the replit community has no clue of all the awesomeness that I have put into multisnake since the first post

also mods it will have changed so much it will be unrecognizable so dont worry. I have some screenies and recordings of people playing games then & now I will post them with the post. dont worry. Or do. I dont mind.

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