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so exactly how popular is
TheImagin33r (28)

it doesnt seem like its that popular. because im literally on the first page of top contributers with little ammounts of posts

Answered by amasad (3540) [earned 5 cycles]
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amasad (3540)

As others said, it's pretty huge. Repl Talk is somewhat new/experimental part of the product that we're still trying to figure out how it fits with the rest of the site.

vedprad1 (916)

First of all, you are not on the top contributor list. You cannot be on it with only 11 cycles.

Second, is more popular that you might find it. A lot of people use it all over the world. Plus, there is huge community that is creating new content and answering questions all the time. It has support in so many languages, which makes it a good choice in coding IDEs. Last but not least, it frequently holds competitions. These contests have increased's popularity dramatically, and allow users to show off what they know.

All in all, is very popular, and compared to its competitors, is a really good choice.

TheImagin33r (28)

@vedprad1 i saw myself on there once.

ash15khng (723)

@TheImagin33r To be honest it's unlikely to get on the top with 12 cycles. The top contributors have hundreds of cycles. Also, recently hit 2 million users, so I don't think this counts as not popular.

Zavexeon (1166)

@TheImagin33r Perhaps for the past 7 days, you were, but of all time you would not appear.

Zavexeon (1166)

@TheImagin33r Don't worry, just keep on contributing to the community and you'll find yourself up there one day. ;-)

eankeen (2245)

recently replit has achieved a total of 2,000,000 million users. those users have created 43 million repls.

so, a lot of people are using replit, but few are active in 'replit talk'. ill add that the leaderboard of contributors is sometimes buggy, which could explain your placing in it, despite the low votes.

mwilki7 (1134)

why everyone roasting him for saying he saw himself on top contributor page lool

TheImagin33r (28)

@mwilki7 ye this isnt r/roastmebecauseiaskedaquestion

MarcusWeinberger (798)

@TheImagin33r but this certainly is r/ihavereddit

TheImagin33r (28)

@MarcusWeinberger r/ihaveredditanthatmakesmecoolbecauseicanreadthingsthatstartwithrslashthenawholestringofwordswithnospacesbuticanstillreadthemcusiuseredditandyoucantooifyoucanreadthis

rediar (524)

Pretty large, considering...