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snake game (From tutorials)


I am very new to coding, I was trying to learn how to make the 'snake game' from the tutorials section, I finished the menu as directed by the person who published it, but it did not work, I even tried to copy and paste the code into my script.js but it does not show me the menu (when it is supposed to be complete).

thanks for your time.


Main menu background and text are both black so it's hard to see them
Try changing the color of one of them


@mwilki7 i have tried that (or at least i thin i did), i tried chaning the numbers but it still all black, can you tell me what are the codes to black - white and green please? thanks


@mwilki7 so i have just found out my issue (it wasnt the colours), i had to put at the end of my script.js "start ("menu"), so the menu works fine for now. (but if there is a link to the coulours' codes that would still be great! Thanks for your help!