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schedule run of repl
WikingGaffa (70)

Can you schedule a repl to run say once a day ?

-without logging in or visiting etc.
Once a day it should tjeck a website for an update

joekreydt (0)

Since you are using Python, you would need to set up something to serve your application as a web page. That way, when something like UptimeRobot or Cron-Job makes an HTTP request to your, the application with run without the need to click the Run button.

You can set your Python application up as a web site pretty easily with Flask. I'll write up a guide on this sooner or later, but in the meantime, here's a guide that helped me do what you are trying to do.

Hope it helps!

Nizart (0)

have you yet made a guide?

Vandesm14 (2639)

If you use Nodejs and a Timer, it can schedule to check a website each day. In order to keep the repl running, you can use

If you know Python, I believe you can have the same idea, and still use uptimerobot.

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WikingGaffa (70)

@Vandesm14 Thanks for feedback.
Yes I will make the repl in python.
I will look into uptimerobot