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run the program
crofeceb (3)

sir,,i had save d the 1 st file , and when i write programm in a new file ,,when i click on run ,again 1st program output is running..pls explain it..

timmy_i_chen (1151)

Can you link us to the repl where this is happening?

crofeceb (3)

hi sir, -- this is link of mine , in that u see and tables program..are different if i want to run the tables program file, it will running MAIN.PY file(while loop practice) only always ...why that happend i cant understand.. pls tell me how to run the table program file output

ash15khng (712)

@crofeceb the repl always runs the main file first, to run your tables program you do
import tablepractice
and rename your file to not have a space in the name.