How do i separate
gameprogammer (6)

I am creating a among us game but you can't actually play it.You can watch the bots play it.I made the characters and i made a character that is red : def red(words):
print(Fore.GREEN, Style.BRIGHT + 'Player: ' + words)
And whenever i put "there is 1 imposter among us..."(I put red before it so the color scheme can be red) it shows "red" is saying it. I want the font to be red. not red saying"there is 1 imposter among us..." how do i make it so that it is red and red is still a player? i removed red and then it works. and no i can not change red's color. so how do i keep both of them in the code?

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gameprogammer (6)

@robowolf Something other than termcolor, it doesn't work.