Can't import fLASK
romainkarpinski (0)

Hi, when i try to import flask, it says that the current flask version is not compatible with the current repl version.. what should i do? is it possible to fix this? ty for your help

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IOP3 (850)

rlly? just import it like from flask import Flask? is it not working?

romainkarpinski (0)

@IOP3 No... and i don't know why..

romainkarpinski (0)

@IOP3 Because replit (3.0.0) depends on flask (>=1.1.2,<2.0.0)
and no versions of replit match >3.0.0,<4.0.0, replit (>=3.0.0,<4.0.0) requires flask (>=1.1.2,<2.0.0).
So, because repl-python3-bot depends on both replit (^3.0.0) and flask (^2.0.0), version solving failed.
exit status 1