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Considering Classrooms for my class, some questions first
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I'm scheduled to teach an introductory programming class at a public university this semester and am considering Classrooms. I have some questions first, but one of them has to do with pricing, so I hope a team member can help out with that.

  1. I’d like to use for quizzes in the lab sessions. Tinkering around, it looks like the only way to do that is to manually publish the assignment at the start of the lab session, setting the “due date” to the end of the lab session, or to manually take down the quiz when all students have submitted.

a. Can I set an assignment (used as a quiz) to automatically publish at a given time, or do I have to manually publish it when I want it to commence?

b. I have four different lab session times. And I also would like students to be able to make-up quizzes for absences or re-take quizzes for a better grade. Can I set which students are able to see and perform the assignment (quiz) at a given time?

c. Can I publish an assignment with a fixed due date, unpublish it, republish it for the start of the next lab time with a new due date, etc.? If so, would that delete student submissions each time it is taken down, or mess with student submission data or scores in any way?

d. Can I view which students have clicked to start an assignment? For example, if I have just one Classroom across all the lab sessions, I could verbally state a rule that students are not allowed to enter a quiz assignment during a different lab session than the one they are attending. I would like to be able to check if students would be breaking that rule.

e. Supposing I’ll have to create a separate Classroom for each lab class, is there a quick way to copy assignments between the Classrooms, so that I don’t have to manually copy over each test case individually?

f. Can I invite lab assistants to the Classroom(s), who can have privileges to publish assignments and set due dates?

  1. I see that Classrooms are “public” by default, where “teachers” can view and use the classroom. I don’t really have a problem with that, however, I do not want a student who is taking the class to be able view assignments before they are supposed to, especially quizzes. I’m afraid students will create “teacher” accounts to snoop on the Classroom.

a. Can uninvited “teachers” look at assignments in the “draft” state?

b. I also see that student “Projects” are “public” repls by default. Does that mean that other students can peek in at each other’s projects? In the class, I’d like to create project assignments that are not auto-graded, and are in fact using a different language than the ordinary assignments and quizzes (e.g. Python Turtle for projects and ordinary Python for assignments). This sounds great, but I do not want students to be able to look at each other’s code. Can I set Project repls to be private by default if I am signed up for the “Hacker” account level?

  1. I'm a part-time adjunct lecturer for a public university, paid on contract on an as-needed basis, and I'd be paying for premium accounts out of pocket. Am I eligible for any discounted rate for a premium account in order to fulfill the requirements indicated by my above questions?

Thank you guys and keep making it happen into the new decade!!

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Hi Jeremy, I sent that email to [email protected] about a week ago now and no response. Did it maybe get lost?