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octopyBot (266)

I got a notification saying a earned an achievment on saying I was now a guide, can someone tell me what that is?

Coder100 (17144)

Hi, guide is one of the new achievements you can get. Achievements just show how much a user knows about and their contributions, but otherwise is just as meaningless as cycles.

Read more here.

Bookie0 (6032)

hi there!

so the achievements is a new feature of this summer. basically, you get those achievements badges for doing stuff like coding every day, posting on repl talk, or answering other peoples' questions.

i dont think those achievemnets have any use (like cycles) but they are a way to encourage users to be more productive/active on

read more about it here:

Happy coding! =)

ironblockhd (425)

Here's a description of all archivements:

Earned when you have your comments accepted as answers on someone's Repl Talk post

You probably got it from helping Destroyer117a