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.replit files' `onboot` no longer works?
xxpertHacker (860)

I was using the following bash to update C++ Repls:

if ! command -v clang-10 &> /dev/null
	install-pkg clang-10;

For some reason, it no-longer works as intended; not sure why.

I reverted to just using onboot in a .replit file, unconditionally installing clang-10:

install-pkg clang-10;

and now it seems like onboot doesn't work either, but the code inside does.

19wintersp (1120)

Shouldn't it be onBoot? And it never seems to work properly either way.

xxpertHacker (860)

@19wintersp It was onboot, and it stopped working today or yesterday.

19wintersp (1120)

@xxpertHacker Not sure about that, and I think it's just quite on-and-off. I think the best thing would be to submit a bug report and just let them see if they've got any internal issues.

xxpertHacker (860)

@19wintersp Any guesss as to why the Bash fails though? It used to work.

And yes, I ripped it right off of SO.