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.replit dotfile docs
luke2m (0)

Is there documentation on the .replit file options somewhere? Specifically, is there a way to run a script automatically when a repl is opened, before pressing play?

Answered by xxpertHacker (930) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (18207)

No, that was is not what .replit files do.

they only configure what you do when you click the run button lol

xxpertHacker (930)

@Coder100 How did we use the exact same source, yet draw entirely different conclusions?

Coder100 (18207)

@xxpertHacker well

no script is exactly run

most of the times the onboot functions is used to cd to some place

xxpertHacker (930)

@Coder100 Hmm..
well, who knows, maybe all that they wanted to do was cd into another directory?