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replit IDE lags a lot
NastyPigz (0)

a lot of times when I go into my projects (big ones) it says "The IDE is having trouble", or "We received an Internal Error", "Failed to connect, retrying".
Any of the files can be barely loaded, and running them is pretty much impossible.
Is there a way to fix this without paying?

Coder100 (18930)

Paying won't help with that, the problem is most likely with your internet and the replit servers. Also having a large project makes the lag worse in some cases -- too many files to load! Also, forking the repl helps.

Try hard refreshing: ctrl + shift + r

InvisibleOne (3226)

The only real way to fix that is to get the hacker plan, which you can get without paying. The only legal ways are to either win it in a competition like the weekly challenges or something, or if you have a github student plan you can get it for a certain amount of time.