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repl process died unexpectedly
shlobb13 (1)

could someone help with this error msg? TIA

import sys

while True:
print('Type exit to exit.')
response = input()
if response == 'exit':
print('You typed ' + response + '.')


Like the others said, that isn't an error messages. That just means the repl process died before it thought it was supposed to. It does that to me pretty much any time I use a sys.exit() command.

CodingRobot12 (183)

It isn't an error message. This is supposed to appear whenever you write the command sys.exit()

WaruchJiratanak (5)

I think it's supposed to do that.

CodeLongAndPros (1596)

It's not an error, I believe that the exit code was given before it was expected, if you press C-d in the repl, it'll give that as well.

Bookie0 (5950)

first of all that isnt an error message. It just says that because you told the repl to quit with sys.exit() which means the program exits. If you dont want this, since this is a while True statement, instead of sys.exit(), use break which will do the same.

Happy coding and hope this helps! =)