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repl process died unexpectedly: signal: killed
ssebastianoo (16)

some minutes ago this wasn't getting any error, and now (I didn't change anything) it died with this error: repl process died unexpectedly: signal: killed

Answered by sylashur (55) [earned 5 cycles]
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sylashur (55)

Repl sometimes does things with reasons that... don't seem clear at the time. Just remember... when you become the best person you can be, you can thank repl for it. There's no question that repl's plan is how everything is meant to be.

ssura (4)

The same error happened to me. For me, this error occurred because the memory capacity was filled while running the program. It might be different in your case but this is what I know from my experience.

CodeLongAndPros (1631)

That means the the UNIX server sent it a SIGKILL, meaning that something beyond your control happened. It was probably server load.

Blessedchan (1)

@CodeLongAndPros was probably if they used a while true function

CodeLongAndPros (1631)

@Blessedchan Nah, a while true can’t cause that

Blessedchan (1)

@CodeLongAndPros guess it's just repl screwing up, could have been if the bot had been running for too long(happens to me occasionally)

PikachuB2005 (12)

@Blessedchan I have a similar problem. Are you saying that it will work eventually but I have to wait for the time being?