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repl process died unexpectedly : exit status 2

I have upload a python file from VS core, it can be run in VS core. When I want run the same file in REPL, the above message box was appear in the console.

Why happen and how to run in REPL.

Thank you.

Answered by MrVoo [earned 5 cycles]
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You need a OUTSIDE a folder for it to run. Move everything out of the folder.


@MrVoo Thank you, it work now.


Hey! So on your left there should be a option to select different files. Here you can add a new file on the top left corner and you will have the option to name the file. Name the file .replit like shown. When you open the file, you will have the option to type in code and here you will type, run = "blah blah blah". Replace the blah blah blah with the code you want to run. So for example, run = "". Hope this helps!


Also, you mean VS Code? Not VS Core, right? Visual Studio Code... CodeMaster007