How did help you this year?
amasad (3535)

We want to feature a few stories from our community and would love to know how helped you navigate 2020. Maybe you're teacher and Multiplayer helped you teach your class, or you're a developer and we helped you collaborate with collaborators. Whatever comes to mind, please share!

Here is a nice picture

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firefish (953)

@realTronsi I once fork-bombed my own machine. That was because I pasted the fork bomb into the wrong terminal. I think I told you that story back when I invited you to the repl named RickRoll#. Remember that? and how you forced me to use Monsieur La Doulaise? Remember? And how you called broccoli celery? And you claimed I live in Australia which is not true? And we wrote an idea proposal in the form of a cringeworthy game named amasad Inc. for amasad, which still to this day has not been seen by anybody other than us? Remember?!?!?!?!?