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question marks
AustinMoore4 (0)

I'm getting a weird issue:
when running my reply sometimes the repl has a stroke and gives me an unidentified character while on others it works any ideas?

Coder100 (18253)

You see these characters?

not every computer supports it, and replit gives no guarantee any computer can render that symbol properly.

for example, on windows XP (extreme example here), there is no chance you would even be ABLE to render emojis.

AustinMoore4 (0)

however, it will load the others that my issue, as this messes up the format of the boxes. @Coder100

Coder100 (18253)

yeah, some symbols get supported and others don't???


AustinMoore4 (0)

no, it will show the same symbols in one are and the unidentified symbol in others here


AustinMoore4 (0)

those question marks where a line is supposed to [email protected]