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python mouse position?
skull_is_dull (42)

is it possible to return a mouses x and y position in python?

Answered by PYer (3936) [earned 5 cycles]
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PYer (3936)

This using @mat1 xterm module:

import xterm
printing = False
def getclicks():
  for char in xterm.readchrs():
    if type(char)!=str:
      x = char.x
      y = char.y
      yield (x, y, char)

import clicks
coords = clicks.getclicks()

There may be a few edits from the original because I have modified it to suit me.

The module yields only within the terminal and the top left of the terminal is (0, 0)
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Scoder12 (839)

What do you mean? In the terminal? Where do you want to capture the mouse position from?