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python app can't run! (No website, just a script)

Is it a must that I should make a website to run my app using the run button?

I'm a paying user, and I have configured my .replit file to first download the packages, then run the code. After the repl gets shut down by Cause they do that every 2 hours I think

The problem is, my run button doesn't work, nor does my .replit file work.

My replit file:-

Can you please see what the problem is?


By "doesn't work", do you mean that the code doesn't do anything, or is there an error?

Your .replit file looks okay to me, except for maybe the name of the file having underscores. Unless you've actually named your file that, those shouldn't be there.


It just doesn't run and doesn't do anything. It's like nothing happens and replit doesn't even run it.

And no, no errors is shown. It's like I haven't clicked the button

Name of the file is alright.