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program by python
  1. change_case() This function switches the casing of all letters in a word/phrase passed to it. All uppercase letters should become lowercase, and all lowercase letters should become uppercase. If the letter is a space or a number or a symbol it should remain unchanged. The word/phrase, as it has been changed, should be used everywhere else in the program.
  2. display_backwards() This procedure should receive the phrase. It should then display the message backwards with the phrase "Program says: " in front of it, to a user.
    Example: If the phrase is "To Infinity and Beyond" the program should display
    Program says: DNOYEb DNA YTINIFNi OOt
    Call the functions and procedures to display: "To Infinity and Beyond"

This isn't a question, if you want to share a project attach it to the post and put in under share, not ask