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problems with reading from .env files
JohnnyWobble (49)

When I try and run my code in fullscreen mode i get error from reading the .env file,

but in the side veiw,

nothing happens


import os
import things

repeat_checker = False

def EasterEggChecker(command):
  global repeat_checker
  prize = 0
  prize = int(os.getenv('prize'))
  phrase = os.getenv('easter_egg')
  if command == phrase and not repeat_checker:
    repeat_checker = True
    print("Nice, you smart, you got the easter egg, now take a screen shot of this and message/comment on the repl, congrats") += prize
  elif command == phrase and repeat_checker:

full program,

Answered by HarperframeInc (456) [earned 5 cycles]
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HarperframeInc (456)

Officially, will not support environment variables (.env) because it can be leaked. ( is the full screen version)

We don't load them for security reasons (can be leaked).
-timchen (

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JohnnyWobble (49)

@HarperframeInc do you know any method to securely store a string, so other people cannot read it by looking through the code?

HarperframeInc (456)

@JohnnyWobble Sorry, but I have the same problem as you. I currently have no solution.

JohnnyWobble (49)

@mat1 thanks i will look into that