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port must keep changing?

So I'm new here and am shocked at how awesome it all seems, but.. I'm having a problem.

I have a "hello world" Flask app here:

And it works! Sometimes :/

Notice the port is set to 5676 (currently). For a while I left it as the sample 8080 but it never worked. On a hunch, I changed it to some other number and it worked. Then it stopped working. Right now it is working on 5676.

My guess is that since it is public and I have a free account, other users are jumping on the port? Which I guess is fine, but of course it leads me to ask:

If I pay for a non-free plan, can my ports become sticky to me?


i think repls automatically shutdown after sometime when they are inactive (only for free accounts). So i guess you could use something like to keep pinging so it never shuts down.


and now it is working again. still, changed nothing.


and see.. now.. I've changed nothing. and it isn't working. just a few minutes after posting, when it was working.