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please help me finish the code.
Imthebestthe (108)

this code was originally meant to help me teach my little brother some simple maths, Then I added other stuff and it started to just be a fun mini-project. Can you guys help me with option four? I don't understand the syntax error and explain why it's happening? Could you also help with the first option? I couldn't figure out how to make it so if you got the question right, it would say, "well done!".
In the comments, try to explain as much as possible. I am by no means good at python. Thanks!

Answered by CodingCactus (4331) [earned 5 cycles]
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CodingCactus (4331)

hi, @ImtheBestthe There are a lot of errors in your code, so could be difficult to explain. I have fixed them all here ( if you want to see what I have done. Any questions just ask.

Some issues were that you were using elifs with no statements, I have replaced them with elses. Also on your math questions (adds and times) The input needed to be an int for it to equal anser. Sometimes you got mixed up between your anser variables as well. Also, you missed of a few colons on your if statements

Hope this helps @Imthebestthe.

Imthebestthe (108)

thank you so much @CodingCactus, it was really helpful! on an unrelated topic, do you have any project ideas? I found this in my old python files but with corona, I need to make sure I dont lose the few skills I have learnt😁

CodingCactus (4331)

@Imthebestthe, I normally just spend my days on the new section of ask looking to help people

Imthebestthe (108)

are you any good at c#? I was hoping to learn it so I can work on unity

CodingCactus (4331)

@Imthebestthe I have done the c# student course thing

firefish (955)

@Imthebestthe I might be able to help you with c#: you can start by looking through my c# repls

Imthebestthe (108)

before any of you guys start saying "you didn't write this code" all of it was form ME!!!!